Alpaca fur features

  • Its luxurious unmatchable warmth, softness and comfort.
  • All the furs used in our products are ethically sourced from Alpaca Farmers, whose main income comes from the fleece sale.
  • We use pelts only from Alpacas that died from a natural death because of severe weather conditions or as part of the natural mortality rate of the species.
  • Alpaca is not an endangered species as its population raises constantly every year thanks to the Alpaca Farmers’ outstanding work; hence its sustainability is warrantied.
  • Fur products, when well taken care of, are long last durable; unlike the plastic counterparts which age, in a very ugly way, pretty fast if worn regularly.
  • Alpaca fur is an excellent wealth refuge and investment. You will pass it down to your children and see them being used and worn by your grandchildren, and on.
  • Unlike synthetic alternatives, Alpaca fur has no impact on the environment.
  • Alpaca Farming in the Andes is not intensive (herds are small) and is absolutely integrated to the Andean ecosystem.
  • Alpaca fur is environment-friendly. Your fur products are biodegradable; having no ecological impact on the environment, unlike faux fur and pleather.