• Born and forged in the near to Heaven Peruvian highlands

    Clear skies, harsh winds, low temperatures. These are the regular conditions in the Peruvian highlands where the tough and versatile Alpaca lives and where its unique warm fiber evolved to keep Alpacas warm while thriving in these hostile, yet wonderful lands.

  • Explore the world of Alpaca fiber delights

    As a result of millions of years of adaptation and evolution, Alpaca fiber has gathered a series of features that has turned it into one of the finest textile fibers in the world. Amongst these features, Alpaca accounts to be as soft as merino wool and cashmere is more durable, warm, hypoallergenic, odor and flame resistant.

  • Sustainable

    Since before Inca Empire times ancient Peruvian civilizations domesticated and raised Alpaca, just like other civilizations around the world domesticated and raised sheep, goats and cows and was as precious to them as all these other cattle. Heirs of these ancient mutual care provided between ancient men and Alpaca, today’s breeders take care of their Alpaca herds which are highly valuable to them for their unique fiber whether to make clothing or Kiyangos, or to commercialize the fiber and the furs.